I just keep building #thingsJames Futhey

☕️ Currently brewing:

📺 Instant Replay: Browser Session recordings inside Crisp.chat.

🤖 HeyGPT: A web-based Alexa Show / Google Assistant clone, based on GPT-3.

💬 iMessage ChatGPT: An iMessage account that responds exactly as ChatGPT would.

SQLite Analytics

Web Analytics

SQLite + Sql.js-httpvfs


Serverless, SQLite Analytics. Serverless via Sql.js-httpvfs. Encrypted using AES-SIV.

Indie.am Website

Audio Blogging

Mobile / iOS + Web


Check out our TestFlight. It's the easiest way to start an audio blog you can share as a personal podcast.

Indiefans Website



Created a Linktree clone, for the lulz; Indiefans.co

A Changelog you'll actually update, because it lives on Twitter. Publish in-app, or on your own domain.

Fundotcom.net, 1999-2001


Web 1.0 Portal

I created a clone of Yahoo.com with free news, weather, horoscopes, downloads, directory, etc.
I was 12.

Pica.so App

Pica.so App

iOS, Android, PWA

Generate and browse images created with Stable Diffusion, on any device. Pica.so

Spacehey plays Pokemon

Plays Pokémon


Put together a Node.js interface for a Gameboy emulator you can control through my Spacehey profile avatar.


From Code

Dynamic Image URLs

It's like CodePen, but your code turns into URLs & dynamic images.

Switch Controller

Switch Controller

C++ / Atmega / Arduino

I sniffed enough code to spoof a Nintendo Switch controller & max out my world of final fantasy character.


some bangers

100+ tracks

I spent a lot of time studying music theory & creating music as a teenager.

Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking



Built an Experimental UI controlled by nothing but eye tracking.

Motion Activated Presence Detection

Motion Activated

Presence Detection

Enabled hardware presence detection to automatically cancel & reserve rooms in Meeting Room 365.

Form to Email API

Form to Email API

Fast & Unforgettable

An unforgettable email API, no registration required. POST to mailthis.to/[email protected] and get an email in seconds.

DC Blap

3d pong game

Dreamcast Homebrew

I worked with Sam Steele on a pong game for the Sega Dreamcast, in 2001.
I was 14.

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